MHL Cable

mhl to hdmi male adapter

MHL to HDMI Male Adapter

Product Number :MHL-CA01
Product Name : MHL to HDMI Male Adapter
Description :

Production Description 

MHL-HDMI cable assembly contains a 5-pin micro USB plug on one end and HDMI type A Male on the other end. This cable connects a MHL-enabled portable device to a HDMI A port from HDTV, and its small form factor makes easily to carry around with your mobile device.
Length: 1.5M

Features and Benefits

Support Samsung Galaxy S2 9100, etc.
Completely support 1080P.
Digital audio 
Simultaneous charging to the mobile device 
TV remote access and control on mobile device 


Connecter Cell phone and HDTV via MHL Cable for Playing HD video up to 1080p 
Control HDTV via cell phone